It is tempting to think that trust is simple, that we should be able to spot a lack of trustworthiness relatively easily. But we all have our stories about misplaced trust. We either missed clear or subtle warning signs or there just were not any warning signs to see. Everything looked good on the surface, and maybe it was. But we got burned anyway.

And sometimes we struggle to earn and keep the trust of those around us when trust bonds fail to form or are broken. When trust breaks down, so does our ability to move forward in business and in life.

Trust will help you:

  • Determine who is trustworthy and who is not
  • Identify and develop the attitudes, practices, and behaviors you need to become a trustworthy person for other people
  • Run a business or organization that invites the trust of your customers and stakeholders
  • Repair trust when it has been violated and broken, even when it feels broken beyond fixing
  • Protect yourself in the process of rebuilding trust that has been broken

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