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Dr. Cloud speaks at events ranging in size from large global conferences to small niche events. Additionally, he speaks for organizations ranging in size from Fortune 500 companies to intimate, executive retreats. Regardless of event or organization, Dr. Cloud is consistently ranked as an audience favorite while leaving a lasting impact on all involved. The following hallmarks are what clients find most valuable about Dr. Cloud’s in-demand speaking style.


Dr. Cloud never gives the same talk or program twice. Stump speech isn’t part of our vocabulary.

Dr. Cloud becomes highly involved with the organizational need or event theme and crafts a message that is customized and weaves seamlessly into the fabric and DNA of the event.


Dr. Cloud’s combination of delivering hard-hitting content, integrating humor, sharing powerful stories, and communicating research leaves audiences wanting more and wishing the session was longer. A rare for conferences!


Dr. Cloud develops his content so that it is amazingly practical. Typically, audience members leave with more notes than space in their notebook and have practical next-steps to implement into their life and leadership the next day.


“That changed my life” is a phrase consistently heard at book signing lines and nothing excites us more than hearing stories of people whose life or leadership trajectory was influenced that day.